USDBOT works for beginner and smaller balance

Would it work for total beginners and smaller starting balances?

With a conventional robot, the answer might well have been a disappointing “no”… after all, without Neural Adaptive Control Technology, software is only as flexible as it was originally programmed to be.

 Best Part: This groundbreaking “NAC” technology… 

Automatically hedges risk with cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence), eliminating wipe-out “drawdowns”.
Data-mines the forex market around the clock on autopilot (no need for time-draining “babysitting”).
Analyzes “fine grain” data on the most profitable currency pairs (you’ll never waste time trying to make an “old” robot learn new tricks the hard way…).

Profits even in impossible “whipsaw” markets that throw most traders.
Trades with the same cruise-control agility no matter what “dirty tricks” dealers throw in its path.
Sucks double-digit net profits out of the market automatically with smart stop-loss that ensures you trade at exactly the right moments
to market conditions in almost REAL TIME. So, no matter what the market does – you win!”

But as we released USDBOT to a select group of normal people — people without any special computer skills or trading experience — the same adaptive edge that let it cruise through potholes in the currency markets made it the first (that we know of) true “one size fits all” FX auto-trading system…

… adapting quickly to fit each individual user’s unique circumstances like a tailored glove. 

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